About me


To my dear friends of ROCK!
I’m U-tarou (a.k.a Hellectro Witch) and I live in Tokyo, Japan.I’m the evil vocalist of BAAL, I make the melodies and write the lyrics. Everyday I’m inspired and I think about things I want to do and ways to express my thoughts, my aspirations and my feelings. I don’t know what changes will come with the future and so I concentrate my energies in the now.


I met GOD of ROCK when I was 13. From the time I was 3 up until then I’d been dancing ballet but I’d recently broken my leg and had been forced to quit. I’d loved ballet but at that time, ROCK changed my life.

I don’t know why my dreams changed in a matter of seconds back then, but I believe it was fate.

I’m interested in nature, especially the sea. I like camping, bodyboarding, surfing and snorkeling!!  I love watching fish, insects and gazing at plants and animals. Nature is this Earth and I’m the vermin of this world. So if you see the world beneath the waves, maybe you’ll understand what I’m on about.

Blood and death. We live with blood and death, and I want to say thanks to my roots from the bottom of my heart.




Thanks for reading about me!

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